We would like to invite YOU to become part of the Ohio Explosion family!


The Ohio Explosion founders and staff are dedicated to providing a safe, wholesome and positive environment, and a commitment to excellence.  We will encourage, develop and train our athletes to reach and exceed their personal goals in cheerleading, as well as teaching valuable life lessons.  We are devoted to providing exemplary training in all areas of the sport of all-star cheerleading, while making a positive contribution to the lives of our individual athletes and their families.  Each day it is our goal to teach our athletes the value of commitment, hard work, integrity, leadership, self confidence, positive attitude, proper sportsmanship and ethics, and a love for the sport.

Ohio Explosion is celebrating over 25 years of being one of the premier all-star gyms in the country. 

All-star cheerleading is a great opportunity for athletes who love cheerleading to use their talents in this competitive sports.

Having your child involved in an activity that teaches and challenges their athleticism has benefited thousands of members who have participated in our program.  At the same time, there are even more important benefits from being an all-star cheerleader....

  • Teamwork: Work with others towards a common goal
  • Social: Meet new Friends
  • Self-Confidence: Through performance and goal setting
  • Strength: Mental and Physical
  • Discipline: Values and time management
  • Responsibility: Be accountable for yourself and your team
  • Respect: For yourself and everyone around you
  • Family: That's what Ohio Explosion is!!

The majority of our athletes also cheer for their schools!  Allstar cheer has helped many of them reach their skill goals which is so important in making many of the areas high school cheer teams.

We have competitive cheer teams starting at ages 4 & up, with many different time and financial commitments.  There is a program for everyone!

If you have any questions or would like more information please call (330)-273-9420 email frontdesk@ohioexplosionallstars.com or visit Ohio Explosion.