The “All Star Prep” or “Half Year” program called "Heat" was designed to give more cheerleaders the chance to experience and participate in all star cheerleading. This is great for athletes who are new to the sport of all star cheerleading.

Heat was created for those athletes and families who would prefer less of a time commitment, lower cost and would like to compete locally. We have designed this team for those wanting to be involved in competitive cheering, but on a limited basis.


As with any other sport, commitment is essential to the success of the team. Heat will practice one day per week. Thursdays from 7‐8PM. They will attend 2-3 competitions per year. Heat will also perform at our “Competition Rally’s”, held on Thursday evenings before our other teams attend competitions. (Heat will only attend the rallies when their routine is at a point to be performed either in part or entirety.) An optional tumbling class is available after practice or you can choose unlimited team tumble for additional classes.


  • MONTHLY FEES - The monthly dues for Heat members will be $40.00 per month. There is a one‐time registration fee of $45.00 per member, per year. These prices include the practices each week. These monthly charges will not be prorated by the number of classes attended per month in case of illness or holidays. The number of practices will be more than sufficient when the additional practices are added closer to the events.
  • UNIFORMS - The cost of top, skirt, socks & bow will approximately be $125.00  Cheer shoes are required and can be purchased at Stardust Sportique in our facility.  
  • TUMBLING - Heat members may choose to add an additional tumbling class to their monthly program plan. Tumbling is an important skill for cheerleaders and require a separate class for more concentrated instruction. While additional tumbling instruction is not required to be a member of Heat, athletes may want to participate to learn and perfect the skills necessary for participation  on our higher level teams. Heat members may choose from the class schedule as follows: 
    • 1x a week Tumble $50.00 per month ‐ Attend this class weekly following your practice. 
    • Unlimited Team Tumble $65.00 per month‐ Attend as many Team Tumble classes per week as you wish as long as they are in your level.